Navigating SEO

Learn everything you need to know about search engine optimization with over a hundred self-paced, easy-read lessons!

Navigating SEO is a comprehensive, fluff-free search engine optimization course for bloggers & small businesses looking to create & implement a strategy that works.

This course includes:

  • 100+ easy to follow lessons, created specifically for bloggers & digital business owners.
  • 15+ downloads (including a 32-page SEO dictionary & 13-page site audit checklist!)
  • Built-in note taker – no need to keep switching between tabs!
  • Text-based, mobile-friendly learning.
  • Your questions answered in the Lyrical Host Facebook group, or in our Slack private study group exclusively for Navigating SEO students.
  • All future updates and additional content.
  • All year round availability: start any time!

“I can 100% recommend this course. I have tried so many ways to understand SEO and I always end up feeling totally overwhelmed and feeling like they were speaking a different language that I couldn’t understand.

I have currently completed 20% of the course and I’m finding it really easy to understand. It’s very well set out and I’ve had a couple of questions which are more specific to my own blog which have been answered quickly and in a really easy manner.”

– Wendy,

“It’s insane how much information is packed into this one course. The course is written in such a way that you don’t have to learn everything about SEO—just the stuff that’s critical to your current goals.

So while there’s a lot of information, it’s not overwhelming. Just learn about what you need to now, and come back to the rest when you need it!”

– Lauren,

Navigating SEO is for you if…

  • You’re looking for an affordable, trustworthy & comprehensive SEO course designed for bloggers and digital business owners.
  • You know you need to learn SEO, but you’re not sure where to start.
  • You’ve tried to learn SEO in the past, but found it too confusing, overwhelming, technical, or not relevant to you as a blogger or digital business owner.
  • You love the idea of easy, self-paced learning in the form of text, tasks, and downloadable PDFs that guide you through everything you need to know.
  • You’re after lots of practical, organized advice, answering the questions you’ve always wondered about and helping you develop your own SEO strategy within your own time and budget needs.
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Navigating SEO is primarily focused on organic search engine optimization for Google.

What you’ll learn

From over a hundred self-paced, no-pressure lessons

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How to create the best foundation for search engine optimization

Navigating SEO helps you make sure your website is set up for success from the core. From tweaking WordPress settings to optimizing your navigation to improving user experience, you can be confident that you’re starting from the best place.

This course takes you far beyond SEO plugins to answer questions like, “Which keywords should I be using and how?” “How does social media relate to SEO?” “How do I figure out what makes a good backlink?”

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All the different on-page and off-page tasks you need to do to be successful

Along with all the knowledge you need to understand the main areas of SEO, we’ve included a handy feature so you can see at a glance where you need to focus your time based on what you want to achieve. With SEO it’s very easy to get sidetracked by smaller or less important tasks, so this course explains where you need to spend your time and what the most important things are for you.

The tasks in place along the way help you understand the things you need to do regularly to keep building on your success.

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How to create & implement your own SEO using what you’ve learned

By the end of this course, you’ll have a strong grounding in SEO.

Using what you’ve learned and our templates and other downloads, plus the “How to create your own strategy” module towards the end of the course, you can create a strategy that works for your website and the amount of time you have available. Best of all, you won’t need to spend any more money to make it happen!

What’s inside

A list of the modules in Navigating SEO

01. Where To Start With SEO?! Here! – Including what to expect from this course and how to make the most of it.

02. An Overview Of SEO – Including a super easy way to figure out what tasks to spend time on, the three types of SEO strategy, and why you don’t understand algorithms.

03. Creating The Best Foundation – Including how your domain name & hosting affect SEO, site speed, the WordPress settings you need, and SEO plugin pros & cons.

04. Website Fundamentals – Including optimizing your navigation, indexing vs. ranking, user experience, mobile essentials, and whether it’s important to have a niche.

05. What You Need To Know About SEO – Including the five key principles of SEO, common myths, how long it takes to rank, and the real relationship between social media & SEO.

06. Introduction To Keywords – Including the three different types of keywords, how to research them properly, a real-world walkthrough, determining primary and secondary keywords, short tail vs. long tail keywords, how to implement keywords effectively and common traps to avoid, and how to really check where you rank.

07. Introduction To On-Page Optimization – Including optimizing your titles and slugs, meta descriptions, the Yoast green lights you actually need, formatting and basic HTML for SEO, commenting, and redirect basics.

08. On-Page Optimization: Images – Including how to write great ALT text, titles and captions, how to optimize images for the web, and best practices for using images.

09. On-Page Optimization: Links – Including how link equity works, best practices for internal links, best practices for external links, and follow vs. nofollow links.

10. On-Page Optimization: Schema Markup – Including what schema is, the most common types, why you may not want to use it, and a non-techy friendly way of implementing it.

11. Introduction To SEO-Friendly Content (Including what search engines can read, content length and quality, EAT, the best and worst content traits for SEO, how to safely delete content, the truth about duplicate content, and how to update old content).

12. Introduction To Backlinks & Link Building (Including what link building is and how to do it, building a natural backlink profile, the golden rule of ratios, simple link building ideas, what makes a link “good” or “bad,” traps to avoid and links to limit, second tier link building, and dominating with your brand).

13. Reverse Engineering – Including determining your competitors and why that’s important, reversing their strategies, and other handy tactics for analyzing their tactics and results and applying them to your own site.

14. Tracking Results – Including tracking and reporting basics using Google Analytics and Search Console, when to expect results and how to improve on them, and the truth about Domain Authority and how to improve it.

15. Analyzing & Auditing – Including a beginner’s guide to doing a technical site audit, how to reduce your spam score, everything you need to know about disavowing links, an overview of Google penalties, and surviving Google algorithm changes.

16. How To Create Your Own SEO Strategy (Without Going Crazy) – Including how to divide up your available time, how to create your own content and backlink plans, batching your tasks, and creating a tracking & auditing schedule.

17. How Rebranding Affects SEO – Including what to consider beforehand, and the tasks you need to do during and after.

18. SEO For Selling & Ecommerce – Including optimizing sales and landing pages, balancing SEO and conversions, writing search-friendly product descriptions, and link building ideas for business sites.

19. Tools & Resources – Including a huge list of SEO tools, both free and paid, a list of all the downloads within Navigating SEO, and further reading resources.

Try a lesson from Navigating SEO

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“The Five Key Principles of SEO” is an example of an information-focused lesson, while “Crafting Optimized Titles & Slugs” is a little more how-to focused.

15+ downloads included

Navigating SEO includes lots of helpful downloads

01. The SEO Dictionary
02. Time Matrix
03. White Hat Techniques Cheatsheet
04. Optimizing For Speed
05. WordPress Settings Checklist
06. Keyword Research Guide
07. Keyword Rankings Tracker Template

08. Basic HTML For SEO Cheatsheet
09. Implementing Keywords: Content Example Page
10. Content Traits Checklist
11. Updating Content Checklist
12. Link Traits PDF
13. Google Analytics Tracker Template
14. Website Audit Guide
15. Backlinks Review Spreadsheet Template

Plus Extra Bonuses!

Hiring For SEO – A 3,000 word guide to confidently hiring someone for search engine optimization tasks, whether you need a consultant or a virtual assistant.

The Best Free Facebook Groups For SEO – After you’ve completed the Navigating SEO course, here are some groups to join to build on your knowledge.

SEO For Affiliates – Build on what you learned in Navigating SEO with our 5,000 word guide on search engine optimization specifically for affiliate blog posts & pages.

Navigating SEO Bonus Downloads Preview
Included for free with Navigating SEO

“This course is changing the whole freaking game for me! I know exactly what I need to focus on, I finally know what the heck I need to be writing about, and my page views are creeping up and I haven’t even really gotten into the meat and potatoes of my re-vamp!!”

– Nicole,

“Usually for what you find in this course you’d need to pay $500 if not more. Without it I would keep guessing my keywords and making mistakes that would make my site be probably lost somewhere in space.

I don’t have the patience to listen to a podcast or audio files. It isn’t my thing, so the fact that this course is text based made me very happy.
Also, the team made it accessible to screen reader users. This gives them extra points. Not everyone would bother to mention accessibility in their course.”

– Diana,

Course Features

Your learning experience has structure thanks to…

  • An introduction to each module explaining the focus concept and what you’ll learn.
  • Intelligent integrated search – find exactly what you’re looking for quickly and easily.
  • Key takeaways to help reinforce what you’ve learned & give you confidence you’re on track.
  • Audio versions of key lessons, including a “playlist” of them all in one spot.
  • Interactive learning through tasks, downloads, and the end of course assessment.
  • Built-in note taking functionality for every topic and lesson.
  • Completion incentives, including a virtual badge and printable certificate.
  • Private study group hosted on our Slack workspace.
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What experience level is this course for?

This course is aimed at beginners, people who want to fill gaps in their knowledge, and those looking for a comprehensive go-to resource that covers everything they need to know about SEO. Basically, unless you’re an expert, it should have new-to-you information.

This course assumes you are DIYing SEO yourself for your own website, and you don’t want to make a full-time job of it!

It takes you through beginner and intermediate level SEO, giving you all the knowledge you need to grow your website traffic as a blogger or digital business owner.

Navigating SEO assumes you have basic level web knowledge already, for example you know what the following things are: a link, a domain name, a post.

Is this course just for WordPress websites?

This course works for any kind of website. There’s one module that’s specific to WordPress, and a few references to WordPress-specific settings or resources scattered throughout the course, but the vast majority is applicable regardless of what you use to create or power your website.

What happens after I purchase the course?

After your purchase, you’ll be directed to a log in screen where you can register your course account and begin straight away! Please note that if you have a Lyrical Host account, you’ll need to create a separate Lyrical Courses account for security.

Do I need to buy anything else?

You don’t need to buy any extra tools or services to use this course. We list both free and paid options where needed to complete a task, but we leave it up to you to decide what to pick! There are no adverts or affiliate links within this course, and we have no relationship with any of the companies listed other than Lyrical Host.

Is there a specific schedule for the course?

Navigating SEO is self-paced and all the lessons are available immediately after purchase, so it’s up to you whether you want to do a module at a time or just dip in and out.

If you prefer more structure, we have a downloadable PDF with a suggested outline of which modules to do week by week.

Why is it for bloggers/business owners?

In addition to providing tips and tricks specific to bloggers and digital business owners, we also cross-reference lessons with your goals. For example, if your goal as a blogger is to attract more work from brands, we tell you which SEO tasks are most useful for this. If your goal as a digital business owner is to outrank your competitors in search results, we explain where to spend your time when it comes to SEO.

This course has also been created for low/no budget SEO. This means that we assume you’re implementing the work yourself, you don’t have a team of people to do it for you, you don’t want to buy expensive tools, and you don’t want SEO to take over your life because you have a million other things to do too!

If you’re planning to hand the work off to a VA at some point, or hire someone to help you do SEO, this course is still useful because it means you know enough to ask the right questions and/or plan someone’s workload effectively and be able to sign off their work with confidence.

Can I share the course/downloads or my login?

Please don’t share the information within this course, lessons, downloads, course access, or your course account login with anyone else. All our courses are designed to be super affordable!

If you know of someone who would enjoy this course, we have an affiliate program to reward you for your recommendations. Thanks so much!

Do you take PayPal?

By default we have card payments at checkout for fraud purposes, but if you’d like to pay by PayPal, please email us at and we’ll hook you up!

How do I pay with affiliate commission?

You can pay for this course with any kind of Lyrical affiliate commission, either as a partial or full payment. Please raise a ticket over at Lyrical Host with the amount of confirmed commission you wish to put towards the course, and we’ll create you a discount code for the same amount you can use at the checkout here.

How will I know when the course is updated?

We’ll send you an email with any significant course updates and direct links to them, for example if we add new modules, lessons, or downloads. This won’t be more frequent than once every few months.

It’s time to get serious about website traffic.

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