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Learn how to really optimize the speed of your WordPress website with this easy step-by-step text-based course!

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Speed Boost explains everything you need to know (but never understood!) about optimizing your site speed. This course is ideal if you’re a blogger or small business owner looking to manage the speed of your self-hosted WordPress site.

This course includes:

  • Over 30 easy to follow lessons, created specifically for bloggers & digital business owners.
  • Exactly how to DIY your site speed optimization without being a developer.
  • Includes progress tracking template, cheatsheet & speed testing handout.
  • Built-in note taker – no need to keep switching between tabs!
  • Text-based, mobile-friendly learning.
  • Your questions answered in our private Slack channel, exclusively for Speed Boost students.
  • Any future updates and additional content.
  • All year round availability: start any time!

“The Speed Boost course is fantastic and so worth your time! It gave me all the information I needed to understand what does and doesn’t work to improve my website. The info is concise and clear. And the hands-on lessons were easy to follow so I could optimize my own website.

“The Speed Boost course is fantastic and so worth your time! It gave me all the information I needed to understand what does and doesn’t work to improve my website. The info is concise and clear. And the hands-on lessons were easy to follow so I could optimize my own website.

– Eline, LovelyAudioBooks.info

“Just a quick note to thank again Jenni Brown and the Lyrical team for putting together Speed Boost. It allowed me to halve most of the important metrics. Really impressive. And my problems were not because of easy findings (like gigantic JPGs or similar).

Really well done. I have researched a lot in the past and, honestly, this has been the best I have read.”

– Stefano, Mel365.com

Speed Boost is for you if…

  • You’ve tried to improve your site speed before but nothing seems to help despite your best efforts.
  • You want to improve your site speed without having to buy tools, plugins, or different hosting.
  • Everything you’ve read about site speed optimization seems to be written in gobbledegook.
  • You’re not sure how to run a proper speed test or how to understand the results.
  • Site speed optimization is a big mystery and you feel out of your depth.
  • You want to learn how to optimize your site speed yourself or understand what red flags to look for when hiring someone else.
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Speed Boost is primarily focused on website speed optimization for self-hosted WordPress sites.

What you’ll learn

From over thirty self-paced, no-pressure lessons

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Why the speed advice you’ve heard & tried before hasn’t helped you

Including common myths, the mistakes everyone makes, the scams to watch out for, and the importance of investigating what’s really going on with your own website.

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How to run a proper speed test (and actually understand the results)

We walk you through using professional tools (yes, they’re free!) and understanding the results. You don’t need to be a developer, we explain everything in regular human English!

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How to optimize your WordPress site speed using what you’ve learned

After running your test and understanding the results, we move on to how you can improve your numbers. There are a whole bunch of options and strategies here so you can pick what’s best for your site.

What’s inside

A list of the modules in Speed Boost

  • Introduction To Speed Boost – Including what to expect from this course and a fast track list of the most important lessons.
  • How Important Is Site Speed? – A quick introductory lesson on where speed is important.
  • Why Most Speed Advice Doesn’t Actually Help You – Including a whole bunch of reasons why a lot of what you’ve read online isn’t right for you.
  • Myths & Mistakes – Including common misconceptions & what approach to take instead.
  • Speed Tools & Reporting – Including why you should ignore Google PageSpeed Insights, the tools to use instead, everything you need to know about Core Web Vitals, plus speed reporting in Google Search Console.
  • Understanding Site Speed – Including the factors that determine your site speed, the terms you need to know, and what page speed to aim for.
  • How To Improve Your Site Speed – Including how to use your results to make a plan, the biggest speed culprits, how to improve key metrics, the best and worst plugins, WordPress-specific wins, other quick wins, and a real-world optimization walkthrough.
  • How To Properly Test Your Site Speed – Including a step-by-step walkthrough of running a test and what options to pick, and how to analyze the results even if you’re not technical.
  • Other Things You Need To Know About Site Speed – Including CDNs, lazy loading, AMP, and causes of Dashboard slowness.
  • Maintaining Your Site Speed – Including how to adapt your workflow for good site speed now you’ve optimized your website.
  • Wrapping Up – Including a recap of the course downloads, a quiz to test your knowledge, additional help on offer.

Course Features

Your learning experience has structure thanks to…

  • An introduction to each module explaining the focus concept and what you’ll learn.
  • Key takeaways to help reinforce what you’ve learned & give you confidence you’re on track.
  • Interactive learning through tasks, downloads, and the end of course assessment.
  • Built-in note taking functionality for every topic and lesson.
  • Virtual badge and printable certificate on completion.
  • Private study group hosted on our Slack workspace.
Speed Boost Course Features


What experience level is this course for?

This course is aimed at beginners, people who want to fill gaps in their knowledge, and those looking for a comprehensive go-to resource that covers what they need to know about understanding and improving their site speed.

By the end of Speed Boost, you’ll know how to optimize the speed of your WordPress website and how to keep it optimized moving forward. You don’t need to be a web developer or understand code to do this course and optimize your site effectively.

Speed Boost assumes you have basic level web knowledge already, for example you know how to upload an image to your WordPress website and how to install and activate a plugin.

Is this course just for WordPress websites?

The instructions and advice in this course work for most kinds of website. However, we predominantly recommend it for self-hosted WordPress websites as there are several WordPress-specific lessons and references. Please email courses@lyricalhost.com if you have questions about whether this course is right for you.

What do I do after signing up?

After your purchase, you’ll be directed to a log in screen where you can register your course account and begin straight away! Please note that if you have a Lyrical Host account, you’ll need to create a separate Lyrical Courses account for security.

Do I need to buy anything else?

You don’t need to buy any extra tools or services to use this course. We list both free and paid options where needed to complete a task, but we leave it up to you to decide what to pick! There are no adverts or affiliate links within this course, and we have no relationship with any of the companies listed other than Lyrical Host.

Is there a specific schedule for the course?

Speed Boost is self-paced and all the lessons are available immediately after purchase, so it’s up to you whether you want to do a module at a time or just dip in and out.

How will I know when the course is updated?

We’ll send you an email with any significant course updates and direct links to them, for example if we add new modules, lessons, or downloads. This won’t be more frequent than once every few months.

Why’s it for bloggers/digital business owners?

Site speed is traditionally a technical field, which means that it can be difficult for a lot of non-technical bloggers and business owners to get to grips with. Additionally, there’s a lot of vague advice floating around, and a lot of “experts” who don’t really understand site speed, or take advantage of non-technical people to provide generic, cookie-cutter fixes that sound impressive but don’t make a noticeable difference to your site speed.

Speed Boost aims to fix all that by helping you understand and take control of your own site speed, even if you’ve tried and given up in the past. If you can use your WordPress website, you can use this course.

This course has also been created for low/no budget speed optimization. This means that we assume you’re implementing the work yourself, you don’t have a team of people to do it for you, you don’t want to buy tools, and you don’t want site speed to take over your life because you have a million other things to do too!

If you’re planning to hand the work off to a VA at some point, or hire someone to help you do speed work, this course is still useful because it means you know enough to ask the right questions, identify important red flags, create a task list, and/or plan someone’s workload effectively and be able to sign off their work with confidence.

Can I share the course/downloads or my login?

Please don’t share the information within this course, lessons, downloads, course access, or your course account login with anyone else. All our courses are designed to be super affordable, and Speed Boost is free for current Lyrical Host customers!

If you know of non-Lyrical Host customers who would enjoy this course, we have an affiliate program to reward you for your recommendations. Thanks so much!

Do you take PayPal?

By default we have card payments at checkout for fraud purposes, but if you’d like to pay by PayPal, please email us at courses@lyricalhost.com and we’ll hook you up!

How do I pay with affiliate commission?

You can pay for this course with any kind of Lyrical affiliate commission, either as a partial or full payment. Please raise a ticket over at Lyrical Host with the amount of confirmed commission you wish to put towards the course, and we’ll create you a discount code for the same amount you can use at the checkout here.

“I loved the course and learned SO much. Speed tests have previously been unintelligible to me. BTW, my speed is ok, except my mobile needs some work. Now, I have the skills for that.”

– Carole, Navigating The Storms

“Your speed course is so valuable. I learned so much and it feels great (as a non techy person) to feel in control. I’ve developed new habits too 😁 Thank you 🧡

– Sharon, Jera’s Jamboree

“Someone inside my community recommended Lyrical Host’s site speed course; Speed Boost. I took the course and was really impressed by how useful it was, completely free of jargon. 

Before I enrolled, I was a little concerned that given it was a course by another hosting company that it might just be one giant promotion for Lyrical Host. So I was very pleasantly surprised to learn it was anything but. In fact, they even stressed the point that moving hosts is not always necessary. Their authenticity and transparency impressed me.”

– Leanne, Passive Income Superstars

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